Rainbow Gathering @ Devils Dyke


Its been a while since I posted a blog and below are in no specific order images from a local rainbow gathering I attended last year in June.

I learnt how to make a kiln from old newspapers at university which I was pretty impressed with. Its quite a labour intensive thing wrapping all the newspaper tightly to create a behive type structure to then put your clay pieces inside and set in on fire, it burns for around 2-3 hours and can reach upto 6-700 degrees centigrade.

I was invited to a gathering of people down the road from where I used to live called Rainbow Gathering, I had heard of a friend going to one of these so I knew a little about what happens but not as much as I found out when I attended one myself.

Groups of people wild camp a month before the full moon and create a pop-up village where they all cook and live together. It is family friendly and no drink and drugs which I found quite refreshing to be a part of. There were people from all over the world there and I particularly liked the singing around the fire and eating rituals it felt very gracious.

I attended one evening and some of the other campers had gathered some clay from a local riverbed, I was very interested to dig my own clay and learn the cleaning process so I volunteered to run a small workshop with the clay and make one of these newspaper kilns I had just learned to make.

It took around 3 weeks to clean the clay and eventually hold the making workshop but it was well received and a nice way to end the camp with a small firing which seemed to impress people as much as it did me when I first saw it fire up.

You will also see in the images a book which was made with some of the other students on my MA Craft course, we teamed up with the local Ditchling museum to run another newspaper firing workshop where pages were made to create a book which was exhibited in the museum for a time.


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