Deck chairs

A short post on a project I did at University last year out of old skateboard decks.

Took a while of playing around to get to a strong enough design using just one deck to make a portable chair.

Some inspiration was taken from the African birthing chairs.

16128457_10154831704140903_326519336_n16176510_10154809061815903_1072279916_n16215638_10154809061960903_881725019_n16295668_10154831703745903_610833213_n16295924_10154831704165903_721949704_n16343613_10154831704040903_2090937875_n16343839_10154831704145903_2021632895_n16344097_10154831704170903_208877156_n16358862_10154831704000903_650314869_n16729962_10154885359675903_1929477559_ndeck chair16237582_10154823316845903_1173467211_n16344354_10154833918100903_1519061603_n16237481_10154823317035903_1072593286_n16295370_10154823317120903_496070145_n

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