‘a doll a day’ Exhibition @ Deptford

doll a day flyer


I was told about this show by an artist called aka lady muck whos work I have talked about before on previous blogs but basically she makes awesome art from recycled London newspapers in paper mache moulds!


My Ceramics was pretty suiting for this exhibition being that I had been making baby dolls and limbs for some years. I wanted to make something new for this show and had been working on a plaster mould to cast in clay so this was the perfect opportunity.

Plaster mould taken from sculpture
Sculpture I made from casting the plaster mould with clay and with metallic glaze

I contacted Zara Fox a doll artist who makes incredible dolls and puppets, I’ve know Zara for a while now and always loved her contributions to many UK festivals and her creepy but beautiful creations she has spent many loving hours creating.




Zara had teamed up with an amazing 3D artist called Dagmer Bennett aka Dagger Bliss who sculpture work is outstanding. One of my favourite of her works is her portrait of Adam Pearson –

Adam Pearson Portrait

by Dagmar Bennett

A heroic bust of Adam Pearson with kind permission from himself. An inspirational man, who is fighting for equality for people with a visible facial difference. He works with Changing Faces Charity and Genetic Disorders UK.



I was excited for the exhibition and more excited to see all the other artists who were involved too and what work they were going to be exhibiting.

I had a few trial and errors on my clay masks I was making and the glaze just wasn’t coming out how I wanted it. I had the idea to ask my girlfriend at the time (Sian Smith aka Wonnish) who was a mosaic and transfer artist if she wanted to collaborate with me. We decided to go with the theme of anti-war and all the innocent children who die because of war.


So Sian gathered many ceramic transfers from Carrie Reichardt who she had been working along side. Carrie has a multitude of transfers which could fill a small library!

Here’s how our work turned out –














It was a really awesome show and loads of talented artists involved. There is another show coming up for Feb 2017 which I’m aiming to be a part of if I can create something new in time, so watch this space.



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