The Skatehouse Re-Launch Jam

The Skatehouse was in need of a bit of a revamp!! We wanted to throw an event to celebrate the most recent part of the park which now made the skatepark complete!

With the handy work of a small team of volunteers – Jordi, Jay, James and Albert and a few other parents here and there chipped in to! The new wooded ramp area was looking pretty dope!! The Skatehouse had found itself some flow after 3 years of building and all the park is connected.

in the process of being built 2015
Being built and nearly finished!! 2015
Oli Johnson one of our team rides on the pyramid ramp!!

James Whitehorn used his graphic design skills to get us hooked up with a new look, we think our new logo is spot on and shows quite clearly what were about (skateboarding in the house).

fresh new logo!!

It was time to hold an event to celebrate. Thanks to Lewes Town Council for giving us some funding a skate jam was organised with lots of prizes and giveaways for the skateboarding competitions. We had an array of judges from The Level skate shop, Live and Breath skateboarding and our own in house skatehouse judges too.



mini ramp comp
mini ramp comp
bowl comp round up
re-launch poster

We had our balcony room kitted out so Starfish Youth Music could have some band play live music!

balcony room top right getting ready for the bands!



I held a mosaic skatebaord workshop outside with friends Sian ‘Wonnish’ and Phili ‘Weardo’.

Weardo was spray painting a mural on our double doors and boy was we in for a treat with what she done!!

me, wonnish and weardo reppin our skatehouse tees
me and wonnish getting the mosaic workshop started


team skatehouse youth getting involved with mosaic
weardo deep in her design process
team rider arwyn getting stuck in
‘one love’ board nearly complete with the help of these guys
this one is look good
breathtaking piece by weardo!!

All in all it was a pretty special day with a good turn out and a good vibe!!

Our next event will sadly be our last on the Phoenix Estate this July 23rd. I’ll be posting more about our ‘save the skatehouse’ campaign and our developments on moving on but we are hopeful for the future and to be able to continue to keep serving the wheeled sports community.



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