Sisterly adventures

Well this is a bit off topic of my usually arty blogs and posts on here but I wanted to put something together to show off how awesome I think mine and my sisters relationship is.

Me and my blood sister were adopted to different families but in the same city of Southampton, we saw each other a handful of times growing up but sort of lost contact until she decided to call me up on her 18th birthday asking if I wanted to go to her party, she is a year older than me so I was 17 at the time.

I went to her party and we have been in contact ever since for various reasons but mainly because were both actually quite similar and enjoy ADVENTURES!!! We know how to party together but we also know how to be sensible together and have wholesome times, were all right me and my sis and I’m so lucky she is in my life.

She is a just graduated food technologist (well clever) and has been my healthy mentor and inspired me to get fit and active and stay fit and active as well as how to eat better, although I still have days where I eat whole bags of cookies and entire tubs of icecream but there not as often (and I don’t tell her as much). She got me out to Vietnam in 2015 which is the furthest I have ever travelled before and totally out of my comfort zone and into a new culture, she makes me feel strong.

I love her.

me and sis
Me age 11 and my sis age 12, I had some catching up to do in height!
I think ages 19 and 20, I’m the younger one and is this photo clearly the fitter one… hanging out at ‘the dungeon’ southamptons dingy metal bar!! Ā£1 drinks should be illegal
Glastonbury Festival 2009?? I think…..not sure was so long ago
Another glasto shot same same
WOW ibiza I think I was 17 or 18 so this must have been like 2007. My sis took me away for my first holiday as an adult haha to ibiza!!
We worked in a sleezy night club together for a bit ‘rhino’ in southampton, funny times!! 2012 I think
We done a fair bit of drinking back then
We liked Ibiza so we went back a few more times
2010 was a good year it seems
We love camping and hiking together, this was in Ireland where we done some wild camping too. 2012
I love this shot of us and also in Ireland
We love a good festival, this was festibelly 2012
Getting ready for Dimensions 2013 festival with our matching bumbags ofcourse
Taking in the croatian views at Dimensions together 2013
Stopping off in Slovakia for a friends wedding 2013, slovakia is awesome!
Vietnam 2015 hanging out in waterfalls with the locals
Loving the street food everywhere!! Vietnam is so so amazing
Taking it all in, still Vietnam
Sharing a kayake with my sis pretending were hobbits in lord of the rings coz were right nerds!!
Our most recent adventure was surfing in Senon Cove, was so much fun!!

This is just a few snaps of many memories shared and some of the photos I’ll probably get told off for using šŸ˜‰

I don’t know what our next adventure is but I know she will be in my life till end of days.


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