Celebration of the rise of female skateboarders and graffiti artists at The Skatehouse



Since I moved to Lewes in late 2013 and became involved with the indoor skatepark community skatepark project The Skatehouse I have seen a girls skate scene evolve and had the pleasure of watching female graff artist Weardoe use The Skatehouse as a platform to paint and progress. Local female Artist Rose aka R.A.W has also been able to use the walls to expand her sketch book drawings to large scale pieces. This blog is a celebration of female participation in skateboarding and graffiti as well as my own personal journey within it.

skate jam
skate jam 2014


Braving the spray paint for my first time


Rainbow jellyfish, my first ever spray piece


raw buddha
spray by RAW
spray by RAW

I have been able to pick up a skateboard again after 10 years thanks to our awesome skatecoach Jordi aka jordieodie and Jay aka chief master advisor who both spent time and arm aches helping me learn to be confident on a skateboard again, it took weeks to be able to drop in from the ramps and use the bowl!! I have sworn to myself I will never to stop skateboarding again, to re-learn to be fearless is such a challenge, skateboarding is so much more than a sport its physically and mentally engaging, you have to trust your body and be confident your going to land okay, its somewhere between science and self belief.

never stop pushing
me and my colleagues getting ‘never stop pushing’ tattoos, never stop skating!
Me and my board
me at halloween skate 2014

I have also been able to experiment with spray painting which has been so much fun thanks to my good friend phil aka Weardo who has inspired and encouraged me to be creative using spray paint! Phili done a graffiti workshop within the viewing at room at skatehouse where she engaged the skaters to create the space using spray paint, acrylics and marker pens, it looks fantastic and really brings the room to life and in return giving the skaters a sense of ownership by creating it.

graff workshop
successful graff workshop by weardoe
one of our young volunteers arwyn getting creative at the graff workshop


Chill out room graff workshop


my peas in a pod contribution
my second go at spray painting
Weardoe 2nd piece
weardoe epic double door piece. latest!

Female skateboarding is on the rise and it is welcomed and treated as equal within The Skatehouse. The girl skate night aka skate like a girl has been running since 2014 as a group of women who wanted a space to themselves to be confident in their skateboarding away from the crowds. Over time younger girls have been picking up skateboarding as the sport has been expanding nationally and become popular with all ages and genders so we now have a variety of ages of girls using the girl skate night which runs at The Skatehouse on the first Monday of every month 6.30-9.30pm.

girl tee
skatehouse crest

Young skateboarder and volunteer Arwyn has started from scratch within The Skatehouse and is now totally an ambassador for girls!!

girl skate
Arwyn on the pyramid


arwyn on the pyramid


The Skatehouse sponsors two girl skateboarders Arwyn age 12 and Ruby age 6 who are both outstanding skateboarders who really push themselves to the limits in learning new tricks! They inspire many other girls to get on a skateboard and show that girls can skate just as well as boys.


grl skate
ruby on the mini


girl skate
ruby on the mini ramp


The Skatehouse is so diverse and such a friendly and nurturing atmosphere which really separates it from a public skatepark and it is so awesome to see so many girls skating as when I was young there were few and far between and no local indoor skateparks. I hope this is something which keeps growing and young people and not so young people have places like The Skatehouse to go and learn, socialise and be creative!!






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