Booooooooomtown fair @ Winchester

boomtown sign

I’ve heard many things about boomtown fair and had never had the luxury of experiencing it until this year. I knew it was going to be a great audience to target my work at so I wanted to have enough stock to spread round. I began making pipes, necklaces, rings and broaches all baby head themed ofcourse!!

mohawk and pipes28153_10151385507047896_1923952357_nIMAG13901375845_647177041989636_1308266863_n



So I was ready for the festival I had a briefcase full of my ceramics along side some handmade Kenyan jewelry I was selling for charity. The African jewellery was made in a workshop in Kenya which some sisters from the charity I work for The Medaille Trust (an anti-trafficking charity) had set up to give people a chance to escape brothel work. If the women don’t find work in the mornings they are forced into other ways to make money to feed their families. Below are some image taken from the workshops of the ladies working.

Group of Mama's

Mamas at work

Two Mamas

Read more about the charity and mama margarets here or download our article which as a spread about the mama margaret kenyan link here pages 8-9.

I thought a festival would be great to hit people with the issue of human trafficking and modern day slavery as well as offering them the opportunity to do their bit and buy a piece of jewelery. On my arrival security actually confiscated my briefcase full of stock from me saying I didn’t have a sellers licences…..which was true but as far as I was concerned I had a tiny amount of stock which was hardly worth paying for a sellers licence I wasn’t out to make my millions. I managed to get some stall owners on side who helped me get my stuff back by saying I worked for them, thank god for nice people!!

I found myself doing shifts I would get up and do 3-4 hours round the campsites sitting down and talking to each group of people as I went by. Some were clearly not interested so I would leave them be, but the people who were interested were amazing. I met some of the best people at this festival and they were so keen to know more about what I was saying. Made money for myself and for the charity, couldn’t have hoped for more.


My art work went down a treat too 🙂 I actually saw one of my ceramic faces in a place called the ‘lucky cat musements’  which my friend Zaza Faux – who makes the most beautiful puppets, was working on with a team of people. It was quite a surprise really as I wasn’t expecting it and I think the guy who was working in there thought I was high on something when I was saying ‘that is, mine that is mine’. Was super happy to see it there, it was a real treat. Zaza has also been helping with Glastonburys Unfairground area this year with the famous Sam Haggerty who you can see here She was also just at mischief festival decorating the place with her dream like puppets. If you get the pleasure of meeting this diamond lady and her creations you are very lucky.




Check out for more details on the festival.

See me at boomtown fair 2014!!

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