Carrie Riechardt at Cult Mountain ‘I’m an artist, your rules don’t apply’


I had been looking forward to this exhibition at Cult Mountain for months, I love getting a chance to see new work from Carrie. So inspiring to me how this lady just continuously has exhibitions, giving talks, doing community work and commissions  So much to learn from artists like this. With a clear message throughout Carries art, anti-government, anti- royal family and pro-community, pro-using your own head and not eating up all the bullshit laid out for us to absorb through our televisions and newspapers. Get outside and make your own mind up about the world!! Be awesome while you’re at it! Below you will see Carrie in front of a car bonnet she has mosaics it reads ‘The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off’ couldn’t be more true.




I had been working on some new stock in my studio in Southampton. Trying to get the pipes a bit better by tweaking the design slightly. Also been playing with the metallic glazes on some jewellery. Things were ready to go and I was happy with what the kiln had delivered to me, its a bit of a gamble at times never quite sure what I’m going to come out with after a kilning, but thats all part of the fun for me. I got myself on a train and was ready for London. I had been told there was some extra space for my ceramics along side Carries work in one of the glass cabinets, this made my trip that extra bit more epic knowing my baby heads had finally found a little place in the world where they can be appreciated.


Cult Mountain –



Go and see this AWESOME place currently making a noise just off Brick Lane. Grab yourself a hot drink or bite to eat, sit down and chill out, then walk away with a super cool piece of handmade in the UK art!!  Cult Mountain is not a shop you can walk past easily, it invites you in with its loud decor and glamorous punky attire inside with headdresses and gimp masks in the window designed by rubbish fairy (



Expect to see this lady working at Glastonbury in the Acid Lounge with a group of amazingly creative heads including Celia Arias also known as La Dy Gonzalez ( who’s art you can find at Cult Mountain. She prints onto material the most shockingly beautiful, so acute to detail images I have seen in this way. Printing onto hats, necklaces, dolls and cushions this girl has got skillz.



Bringing it back to the exhibition 

All in all it was a fantastic night at Cult when Carrie exhibited the place was buzzing, so good to be a part of such a creative atmosphere. Carrie had a huge variety of work for sale I particularly like the queen/ lizard piece. Being a David Icke fan after seeing him live in Wembley, he has a pretty interesting theory about the queen being of reptilian descent!! Check more of him here will get my hands on one of those tiles soon.


Can’t wait for my next trip up to see what treats are in store!!

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