Breaking The Stigma


My good friend Reb created a group called Breaking The Stigma. Here is as follows the reasons why this group was created ūüôā

‘Celebrating Mental Health, Embracing Recovery.

This group advocates positive change in the field of mental health via methods of fundraising, activism, creative campaigning, art therapy workshops, exercise, healthy happy eating, music – & talking!


Celebrating Mental Health, Embracing Recovery.

Changing our mentality of mental health and breaking The Stigma attached to mental illness, working with the support of the inspirational organisation Time To Change actively promote the right to recovery, whilst endeavouring to de-stigmatise one of the most commonest of all illnesses Рyet the most misunderstood.
1 in 4 people (+) suffer from mental illness, yet there is still an overwhelming stigma attached to such illness. The brain is the most complex, intricate and important organ in the body – yet when it is affected by illness there is a cruel lack of sympathy and understanding in our society.It is time for GPs, healthcare professionals, academics and the general public to stop belittling the seriousness of mental illness. It is time to stop exacerbating peoples’ suffering with dis-empowering statements such as, ‘Pull yourself together,’ ‘Try having a hot bath,’ ‘Go for a long run,’ or more commonly – ‘Take these and get on with it. You’re ten minutes are up.’¬†
It is time for change.When you are completely debilitated by severe mental illness, just getting out of bed in the morning is an act of bravery. This projection needs to be recognised in order to prevent the tremendous task of recovery being hindered and held back even more so. 

Mental illness is everybody’s business, and RECOVERY IS A RIGHT!

This group advocates positive change in the field of mental health via methods of fun and fundraising, activism, creative campaigning, art therapy workshops, healthy living & therapeutic group exercise sessions (swimming, cycling, jogging yoga, & meditation), other alternative therapy taster sessions (including Mindfulness, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, herbal remedy guidance, advice & ideas), wholesome, happy food & healthy eating events, mental health related film nights and most of all – talking! With the essential support of leading anti-discriminatory mental health organisation Time To Change¬†¬†ūüôā¬†

Everybody welcome – please show you care and like and share! ūüôā

BTS group can be found here , & website will ultimately be here

Launch Night

Reb is a compassionate and lovely individual who works very hard at what she does, I have every faith that things will work out for her and anything she wants to do. She has worked for Amnesty International voluntarily and ran the Amnesty society at University where they would often put on fundraisers called ‘Jamnesty’. These are fantastic nights which always draw in a mixed bunch of lovely people. Reb knows how to get in a crowd for a good cause.
I was asked to come along to her launch night at the Fat Fox in Portsmouth to sell some of my art work. I shared a stall with my pal Kendal who I have know since university and have shared many a good times selling our art in the street and at festivals/ stalls!! Check her out….. ¬†¬†or¬†
Line up
There was an array of talented musicians who had travelled down to perform on the night. Including Cloud and Owl ( a delightful couple I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing at house parties in Southsea describe themselves as:
Cloud and Owl are a soundscaping DJ and production-duo based in the UK. Blending genres without wilful eclecticism, the duo produce magical soundscapes underpinned by solid foundations of rhythm, journeying from woozy, soft lullaby sounds to hard, compulsive beats.We broadcast every Thursday 10-12pm on Barricade Radio ( Our show ‘Insurgent Souls’ is an exploration of inspiring sounds, traversing through techno, krautrock, kosmiche, psyhedelic, post-punk, progressive and pretty much any genre. Each show also contains an hour long mix, and has so far featured artists such as Bioni Samp, Simon Heartfield, Stuart Bowditch & Ben Glass.’
The night went fantastically and a successful fundraiser. The beginning of something long lasting and sparking off other events in the aid to raise awareness of mental health. We live in a time where people should be free to talk about and express how they are feeling without being ridiculed or embarrassed. I support Reb very much in her journey and would like to help out whenever I have some spare hands. I myself have been visiting councillors to talk through my problems, I feel lucky to have this opportunity. I know for some people they do not have the courage to speak up so suffer within their own minds and unhappiness, I hope one day people will feel comfortable to be able to speak out about how they really feel. Most uncomfort and anger comes from the inability to express how one feels so it comes out in the act of violence, maybe in an awakened society anger will be diminished through speaking freely and openly about how we feel.
Future Events
Since the launch Reb has had a film day where ‘Silver lining playbook’ was aired in The Fat Fox. Lots of munchys and chilling commenced with some discussion after the film. There was the¬†opportunity¬†to donate and find out more about the group as well as
the time to change organisation (
Looking forward to much more to come and get involved with, well done Rebby!!

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