Arches Studios Southampton

Finding a space of my own

I have been using Arches Studios since January. It had come to the end of the road at the Pottery shop, space was limited and new paths needed to be paved. I was attracted to Arches Studios through an artist working there called Chris Cudlip he is a man of many artistic trades but for me it was his clay interest and the kilns he had collected over his time there. I met him for the first encounter at the Bargate gallery, this is a place that had been used to exhibit artists work from Arches studios. Chris was there with some wooden sculptures as seen below, we ended up having a conversation which led to him telling me how he had a kiln and wanted to get them up and fired in the near future. I was intrigued to find out more.


After further advice from a friend,  I found my way to studios and was greeted through the door by a friendly illustrator who kindly showed me around. I got a sneaky peak at all the kilns and the idea was sold to me, I thought to myself ‘this is where I would be working and that is where I will be kilning my work’. I  got hold of Daniel Crow (the director and creator of Arches Studios) we chatted a bit over the phone and I received an application form which would need to be completed and handed back in as soon as possible and as by chance there were a few spaces coming up. I often see things as signs, and this to me was one.


I was invited for an interview and before I knew it I was shaking hands with Dan and receiving the key to my new place of work, the future was feeling good and I finally have a place of my own for creative purposes. Expansion of the mind and my practise will progress here and another stepping stone has been stepped. On my arrival at Arches Studios Chris was doing his first firing in the smaller kiln of the two, I was excited to see the outcome and had a feeling of this is going to be ok here.


Settling in 

So I moved in a couple of weeks after getting my key, there was a space which was being cleaned up a bit for me to use. I located a van from my friend Wardy – (  he helped shift my ceramics life from A to B, B being the studio and A being just about everywhere else I had been trying to work from but mainly the Pottery Shop. This was easily one of the best days I had had for a while, when I started settling in and getting prepared to start my creativity in this space I was filled with excitement. So many ideas rushing round my head and getting inspiration from all angles of this interesting building located under a bridge.





Inspiration and scope for collaborations 

It feels like being back at university when you share a communal art space. Always people to have a little natter and a cup of tea with. There are artists there from both end of the spectrum, some are full time artists and others part time depending on if they can finance their livelihood . It is particularly inspirational to me, to be able to see first hand people making a life out of their passion . Opportunities to collaborate were opening up from day one, myself and Chris have shared many a conversation about joint exhibitions and clay workshops we can run together. Lindsey tatler is keen to use her illustration skills on my some of my ceramics work and create some collaboration of the weird and wonderful. Artist lizzie Jones and I share a passion to want to help and raise awareness of certain issues within society through art and creativity. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful and talented artists and am excited to think of what the future holds. This summer will be a creative one!! Watch this space.

Lindsey (below)


Lizzie (below)


Check out Arches Studios on facebook here

Arches Studios also has its own website where you can see all the artists profiles here:



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