HAUS of Sequana

Haus of Sequana

HAUSI received message of a film being shot featuring Haus of Sequana ladies. Ive seen there vibe and well wanted to get involved. Id describe them as having more girl power than the spice girls with a ghetto, urban, aztec look all in one and truly unique!! – ‘From in an around the darkest corners of dirty Deptford comes the Haus of Sequana, an all-girl urban tribe proving that ‘Why not?’ should be a valid answer to every question. Exploring and subverting ideas about religious ritual from other tribes around the world, the group perform primal rampages comprised of twisted costume and activity borne from their very colourful imaginations. Laced into a chain-gang, body-painted and gagged in garish gimp masks, wrapped in a cloud of incense and abandoning all language in favour of hysterical chanting, the tribe demonstrate how extremely liberating self-oppression can be.Catch them on walkabout processions led by their esteemed Queen at underground events and festivals.’ Taken from their facebook page


Tuttii fruittii (Above) – a freelance artist, clothes/ fashion designer and founder of Haus of Sequana.  She said liked what I do and if I could come up to Deptford-London to help out with my Art. With minimal description of what was going to take place I thought just cram as many baby heads as I possibly can in my granny wheelie bag and see what happens.


I arrived to Deptford and was told to meet at the school, an old school building rented out for people to live in. It was creepy in the toilets in the dark, memories of Silent Hill toilet scene. Any how this school was a cool pad and I imagine a great place to live, beats the norm of most housing plus you get a playground!

The Sequana ladies were sitting around talking about future plans and how the group is going sounds like its been a successful year performing at London Decompression, The Super-Sensorial Bin and Femme Fatale also appearing at underground parties and other events. I sat and listened in for a while to get a feel of whats going on. At the same time drinking way to much Krakens rum. So plan is get up crack of dawn, paint everyone up and get into the woods to shoot the performance. I come into the equation by dressing an area with my dolls, I like the idea of getting into the woods I’m a big fan of trees and natural light.

Up at 4am watching the girls get painted, they look awesome!! All Pile into a small car kind of like a clown stint and on the road baring fire wood and other important items like u.v paint and shaman sticks. Its all going off in the woods dog walkers on the scene, dogs getting confused by all the drama. Location is found and the set up begins. After a few rehearsals later and the film has been shot by Moe Meade.

Street view

All I can say is I had a wicked day and loved every minute of witnessing a true work of performance art. Will be making more outdoor work after this experience!! Cant wait to see the footage and I’m not going to spoil it by going in to detail. Watch this space for the HAUS of Sequana film!!!


The future holds BIG things for these girls.




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