Untold Story

I arrived in Portsmouth for the weekend, excited to get involved with the new shop. I spent most of Saturday preparing my dollface necklaces trying to find adequate necklace material and making afew finishing touches. The shop opening was on the Sunday so I dropped down Saturday evening to deliver the goods, where I found a stressed out Becky working hard to make sure the shop was ready for opening the following morning. The shop looked great it felt like I had walked into my nans lounge, very homely not like your usual shop experience. I set up my work on top of an old drawing cabinet which looked like it had come out of an antique shop, as did the other furniture in the shop. After an hour of helping write up price tags it was time for Becky to call it a day and go get some sleep. I have high hopes for the shop and all the support from local artists who have got involved to help make Becky’s dream a reality. What she is doing for the community is great and should inspire others to set up local business to create work for artists and also putting something back into their town.

Sunday was buzzing when I arrived towards the end of the day around 4pm the shop was full of people drinking mulled wine courtesy of Becky and her family, as well as lots of handmade cakes made by Sophie Dalby who Ive been told was up most of the night making them. Everyone looked impressed with the stock and the layout of the shop. The prices were very affordable and reasonable considering everything is hand made. I brought a beautiful ring made from cutlery which I had spotted the night before and promised myself I would return to buy it. Becky looked much more relaxed and so she should be after such a busy day with lots of local faces showing their support to the shop.

There are workshops to be taking place in the basement below the shop so lots of scope for more than just selling in the shop. It can be a community hub where people can come and learn how to make the things they see in the shop giving it that something a bit more special. I have agreed to come and give a workshop on how I create my sculptures and jewellery which am very excited and happy to get on board such a lovely idea.

Untold Story will also have its own website up and running soon where you can purchase all art work from the shop and many more local artists crafts!!

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