Cult Mountain – New Artists Emporium

Cult Mountain

I was invited me to bring some of my art to this beautiful event in Hackney Wick by Britt Foe. The 18th July was the opening night for the latest edition to the Old Baths Cre8 centre (The New Artists Emporium shop).

‘Cult Mountain – NEW ARTISTS EMPORIUM is a Concept Store and Gallery, based in Hackney Wick. We provide a platform for emerging artists to expose their work and a space to trade. Bridging the gap between the general public and the start-up artist. Move over big name designers and high street retailers, the new generation is stepping forward.

Britt Foe – Fashion Designer and Editor of Neu HQ Magazine and Niki Gibbs – Artist and Animator from Recorded in Art have teamed up, and are pleased to
announce the launch of their new collaborative concept store namely, CULT MOUNTAIN – NEW ARTIST EMPORIUM.

Keeping within the ideology of Neu HQ, of finding and exposing the finest emerging talent in all artistic fields, Cult Mountain will be an exclusive retail outlet and gallery space showcasing the work of these fantastic and original hand-picked artists.
Offering these artists a space to trade and a platform from which to expose their work to the general public.’

My Bad Sister

There was an array of entertainment for the event, I especially enjoyed ‘My bad sister’ the twins are a singing, rapping, dancing, mix n match, electro, reggae, cyber, absolute mayhem duo who own whatever stage or dance floor they perform on. Bringing energy to the room and life to oldest of buildings.


Carrie Reichardt   

Ceramic Artist Carrie Reichardt was there, I saw her mosaic tiki love truck a couple of years back when I was at Uni in Portsmouth. She inspired me with her idealistic, democratic views on society. She has so much to give and teach, her art delivers strong messages of the fight for equality in a backwards living, unequal world.

I stayed at her home ‘The treatment room collective’. Here I was greeted with limbs, body parts, clay, ceramics and thousands of transfer artwork filled the house completely.

On her website it read how her home became a museum and gallery –  ‘A stolen door sign from Hackney Mental Asylum 20 years ago gave birth to a small and slightly unhinged family of like-minded artistic individuals who fused together a passion for expressing activism through art. This rebellious band of renegade siblings eventually came to be known as… The Treatment Rooms Collective’ through this group of artists a landmark to her street was born causing controversy and praise alike.

There was such a vast variety of people at the event it really was something special. The turn out was amazing and everyone there was having a great time appreciating the raw talent of so many undiscovered artists. The new community space will provide a hub for the people of Hackney Wick to interact and work along side artists to create a more lively buzzing area. There were people from all over the world at the event making it a cultural experience for locals to enjoy. Its location being so close to the Olympic arena will make it a popular tourist point for anyone passing by the area.


Showcasing the work of Londons very best ‘underground’ artists.
80 Eastway
Hackney Wick
London E9 5JH

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