Pedophiles in Marlands Shopping centre?

Exhibition started June 15th, taken down June 26th lasted 11 days. Management of the Marlands shopping centre said that 2 images from Solent University, Illustration graduate Piotre Szyszkowski were  not suitable for the Shopping Centre.

A security guard who approached the Pottery shop the day we hung the work said ‘the images will attract pedophiles and weirdo’s to the centre’. Society seems to have gone mad for accusing everyone of being a pervert or pedo. Pretty sure most pedophilia occurs within the family home not actually in shopping malls or your local park. The image represents life and nothing more, however the viewer will come to there own conclusion and if the viewer thinks it is porn for pedo’s then perhaps the problem is in the eye of the beholder. If this was a gallery in London there would be no problem. Art is supposed to test these boundaries so society does not become to controlled, are job is to express our freedom and to work how we like.

We decided to take down the show.

Marlands Shopping centre will continue to fail unless there is a change of attitude among the management and also security staff.

Below are Piotre Szyszkowski digital images





2 thoughts on “Pedophiles in Marlands Shopping centre?

  1. unless you been a victim of abuse ,yes art needs us to ask questions , but it seems to me the fine art culture is to shock to the next level in order to obtain notoriety ,some art can evoke memories that are so damaging and I wish the artist would think before creating such stuff.Like you said you did not expect it too last long because of its nature and the selfish mentality of society must stop.

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