Blissfields Festival and beyond

Blissfields Festival and beyond

So blissfields festival maybe wasn’t the best place to be shifting some baby pipes, however I had fun, danced lots and met some cool people from Winchester school of Art doing an exhibtion there. I picked up a interesting zine based on a barbie type writer. Below are images of the zine, the artist is Charlie Collis.

I experienced hitch hiking for the second time as I left the festival at 7.30am knowing I had work back in Southampton. The taxi was going to cost £30 I had not sold enough to justify this cost. So I stomped one out down the side of the motorway wondering where the fuck the train station was, I remember it not taking long on the bus. Some young lads drove past, I managed to open there car door where they gave me a look of disgust and told me they do not allow hitch hikers in their car. So I continued with my thumb out, I was walking for some time when finally a white man van pulled up along side WIN. So in I jumped and had a friendly bit of banter with the guy although he did try to drop me at the side of the motorway further away than I was before, I persuaded him to drive into Winchester town. When we pulled up in a car park he tried to kiss me this is when I got my ass out of the van and simply said ‘you are a good person, thanks’. In my previous hitch hiking adventure home from Glastonbury there was no attempted kissing or asking of sexual favors so I was a bit taken back, however I will hitch hike again but maybe with others in future.

Any how next festival stop is


annnnnnnd theeeeen

These festivals will be much more hospitable for the pipes.

I LOVE Summer

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